Taking Risks

Many athletes get caught in a comfort zone. They play well enough on the one hand but aren’t really improving over time either. In order to be amazing and better than the average athlete requires taking risks. That means trying something that might not work. Understandably, the risk of failure keeps many athletes from taking a leap into the unknown. So they hesitate and play it safe since no one likes to fail. But, this is why the majority of athletes stay where they are at, being good or just average.

Athletes who are willing to put it all on the line eventually find success. They stand out and do what is unexpected and exciting. Each failure is quickly forgotten and seen as a learning experience that gives feedback into how to be successful next time. And they try and try again until they become elite athletes, well above the average.

  • Practice
  • Take risks in competition
  • Learn from mistakes and then let them go
  • Make adjustments and try again