Quick Fix For Athletes

Many athletes find themselves stuck in a rut of underperforming. These are dedicated individuals who appear to be doing everything right. Yet, many of them are simple overthinking. They are caught up in their head, concentrating too hard. The problem with overthinking is that it slows you down; causing you to be tense and make mistakes at critical times.

The good news, you can turn your performance around immediately!!!

At a game or competition, let your performance just happen. Throw the ball naturally without really thinking about it, go into the dance turn you’ve done a hundred times without a thought. Believe in yourself, your training, and your skill and allow your body to relax and let things happen instinctively without too much focus on each part.

So what is really going on? It doesn’t make sense to relax when things are going bad.

Thinking requires the use of the conscious mind, but reacting naturally uses the subconscious mind which can execute multiple processes quickly and simultaneously. An athlete on their game often describes a great performance as just happening, as if they were not really thinking, just letting it flow. Allow your training to shine through without overthinking each step.

I’ve worked with athletes over the years and this is the number one fix for many athletes. They became too serious and analytical during a key performance, over trying and panicking; not even enjoying a sport they once loved. Over trying can cause lower than expected results. When an athlete takes a step back and enjoys competition, they find good results.